For this assignment, I had five words to combine in a photography: Forest – Kneel – Pleasant – Camera – Love.

At first, here were original sketches. Yes, I have great drawing abilities! I decided to go with #1 to tell the story of this semester in this photography class. As I started shooting, the story of the concept became deeper and deeper.

As you can see, this photo was taken in the woods, has a pleasant mood, and portrays a model kneeling. This is for the technical side of things.

Now, what is my concept saying: This semester was an incredible learning experience that was made even more magical by the help and support of my sweet hubby. Every time I would go out, he would accompany me, give me suggestions, and stay late to support me. I wanted to take this photo with him holding a camera for once. The sparse patches of light going true the branches and lighting his clothes make this photo dreamy! I couldn’t have made it through without him.

This shot might not be the most technically advanced but it has a deep meaning to me which is what matters to me.

This photo is brighter than wanted because of the printing process which will make it darker. I liked the purple of the lens and I hope it will pop even more with the print. I burned the edges to emphasize the focus on him and the camera.

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Fine Art Print – Result

Hi Everybody! This post is the introduction of my fine art print for this semester. ” Rest after the Storm” is the pick! This image was actually picked during the Bannack Contest. This shot is attractive to me and the public because of the unique angle from which it was taken. For the story, this photo was taken at Bannack Ghost Town and I did have to sit in a puddle of melted snow to get this angle! The composition turned out great! I was able to make his boot the main focus and his sleepy body in the blurred background. I really like the story this photo tells: a long walk in the snow ending with a well-deserved nap.

When it comes to editing, here is what I did:

  • I increased the saturation.
  • I burned the edges of the photo.
  • I sharpened the boot.
  • I straightened the photo.
  • I darkened the space between the boards of the house wall.
  • I added some shades to the boot.
  • For the print, I used the “content aware” tool in Photoshop to add space on the right and left of the cowboy to avoid tangents.



To hear my comments about this print, watch this video:


I believe the following photo was taken by Caryn Esplin of this print displayed at the Spori building at BYU-I for the Bannack COMM300 contest. te photo of the old piano on the right is by Victoria Stokes.

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Fine Art Print

Which photo do you think would be best for a fine print? Thanks for your critics and suggestions!

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Photo Book – Episode 1

I chose to showcase my photos by using a white background. I like minimalism and clean line. I am hoping to keep this book simple but powerful

Of all assignment, I preferred the themed series at Bannack so I chose to start with that. That car was so awesome. I added a full-bleed of the truck at the back of the book to complete the front. I reduced the opacity of the text box to make the display more homogeneous.

Owen is so focused in the shot. I found it appropriate of the table of content. For my book, I focused on using the font Century Gothic.

This spread is refreshing after rust and black & white I think!

The credits wasn’t easy for me, and I am planning on changing some of the wording. It was really hard to find a portrait of me!

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Tasteful Typography

I enjoyed the perspective of 12 assignment so much that I wanted to try again with another subject at Bannack. As you will see in my first photo, I chose this because cars are part of the legacy my dad transferred to me.

For this series, I used the Sync function in Lightroom. I saved a lot of time!


To be able to see the paragraph in the shot below, I overexposed half of the photo. I also tried it with white writing and darker background. I think I like the black font better. What do you think?



I love this quote! This is how I feel with this car, even though this is old, when you old the wheel, yous till feel like you can go anywhere!

helene-clements-lewisquote helene-clement-front helene-clements-back helene-clements-bolt helene-clements-derriere helene-clements-seat helene-clements-side helene-clements-trunk helene-clements-wheel helene-clements-window img_2709

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Bannack – Creative

LEVITATION: This is my levitation shot. Ana was so patient and creative. I had a little fun in post and added element to her persona with Photoshop.

img_1815 img_1818 angel

GHOST SHOT: with Erin. I see miners to have a really tough life that they want to get out of. This is what this photo portrays. Being a miner is not glamorous. It’s tough, it’s painful, and dangerous. I blended coal texture to the background.


ABSTRACT: This is macro of a piece of wallpaper. Good old MADE IN USA.


CONCEPTUAL: a news paper of the mining town.


COMMERCIAL: This is the actual slogan of MJB Coffee used in a commercial in 1986.


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Bannack – Fine Art

This is a side view of the old car by the saloon. I had a lot of fun looking at several perspective of the object. I love the goldish tone of the light.


Again, from the car. This is a macro with burnt edges.


This is a seat in the church. I accentuated the moldings and made then slightly more gold.


This is the brand on the fire place in the building left to the hotel. I loved how cool it looked.


This is such a great item! This alcohol make or whatever its name is is the symbol of incredible era.


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